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We will build you a another stream of income through WALMART

What we provide provide:

We create you Walmart Seller Account and provide you with 5 products that are currently selling well in the market according to our research. We then show you how you can promote those products using Walmart ads and also how to continue to add more top selling products to your store. Giving you a scalable passive income.

1. Your store will be scalable

2. We provide you with a high score quality listings

3. This store will be completely yours.

4. We train you how to run ads using Walmart PPC.

5. We will get you approved to sell on Walmart or receive a full refund.

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What you need to know

Walmart Vs Amazon only has approximately 50,000 third party sellers, Amazon has 2.5 Million! This means more opportunity for you! And with Walmart's growth, the opportunities are increasing each day!


✔ has over 200 million visitors per month!


✔ This year, Walmart's eCommerce grew 74% in Q1 and 97% in Q2!



✔ Set Up Your Account

✔ Create Your First Listing

✔ Set Up by Match

✔ Add Single Item


 ✔ How To Fulfill your Orders

✔ Optimize Your Listing

✔ Keywords Research


✔ How to Win the Buy Box

✔ Sponsored Ads and Promotions

✔ How to Find Wining Product

✔ Walmart opportunities & Sales Rank

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