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We will build you a another stream of income through Shopify

What we provide provide:

We create a Shopify store based on 1 winning product that we find based on analyzing the market for trends and finding a product that fits our qualifications within that trend that is already selling well.

1. Your store will be scalable

2. We provide you with a winning Product Pages to gain more conversions

3. Complete Turn Key Website that is not cookie cutter and will be completely yours.

4. We provide recommendations for your ads.

5. When your site is complete you will need to create a Free Tik Tok, &  Facebook ads account in order to run ads, we provide tutorials on how to do this quickly.


What you need to know

Shopify Subscription

After we transfer ownership to you, you will need start an active Shopify subscription to make your website live. 

Shopify subscriptions are currently $30 a month.

Ad creatives

You will need to purchase your product and create a video ad for it. You can do this yourself our outsource it to a company. Your ad is your money maker so this step is extremely important.


You will need to create a budget for your ad spend. Minimum of $150 a month or $5 a day. As long as you follow our steps your website should be profitable and you will earn this plus more back in revenue. You will have to pay to play there's no way around this.

Cost Breakdown to be successful

Website Creation by us $50
Shopify Subscription $30
Your Domain name $15
Your Product for Ads $20-$50
Video Ad Creation Free- $59

Minimum of $174 to get your store fully off the ground and profiting.


Join over a thousand happy users!

Complete Turn Key

We do all the heavy lifting for you to set you up with a profitable website.

PPU Formula

We use our own system that we created with over 10 years of experience in E-commerce.


We don't gatekeep knowledge like other companies do. We believe everyone deserves a piece of the pie that the larger company's take so much of. We are just showing you how.

Holiday Resort

Get your website now!

Your Website will be finished in less than 7 days for a fee of $49.99

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